Stuff for Students

Here students will find information or links that they may need to complete assignments or just to stay informed. These items are in no particular order.

Study Guides - Click here for various study guides from all of my classes.

World History

Weekly Social Studies Study Menu (PDF) - Use this to complete a selection of weekly study assignments.
An Amazingly Cool Charlemagne Project (PDF) - If you lost your directions to our mini-project on Charlemagne, here they are. This includes the reading and quiz.
Primary Source Reading Activity - Einhard's Life of Charlemagne - Read these excerpts from Einhard's biography of our favorite Holy Roman Emperor and answer the questions. (This will take you to Google Docs).
Create a Kingdom Project 2018 (PDF) - Lose your directions? Did your little sister put them in the toilet? Say no more. Here they are.
Primary Source Reading Activity: Mutual Duties of Vassals and Lords - This will take you to Google Docs.
Medieval Sourcebook: Duties of Vassals and Lords - For your Create a Kingdom project. This is the same as the primary source assignment above, but no questions.
Medieval Sourcebook: Feudal Oaths of Loyalty - For your Create a Kingdom project.
Medieval Sourcebook: Additional Feudal Rules - For your Create a Kingdom project.
A Contract Between a Villein & His Lord, 1307 - For your Create a Kingdom project.
Create a Country 2013 (PDF) Just in case your little brother or sister ruined your project directions, here's an extra copy.
Enlightenment Salon Simulation (PDF) - Did you forget what you're supposed to do? Are you allowed to dress up? Don't know? Check out these directions.
Continuity and Change in History Essay Assignment (PDF) - Here are the requirements and rubric for this assignment.
The Willy-Nicky Telegrams (Google Docs) The is a copy of the reading and questions on the Willy-Nicky Telegrams.

U.S. History

Weekly Social Studies Study Menu (PDF) - Use this to complete a selection of weekly study assignments.
19th Century Game Project! (PDF) - Here are the directions for your game project. Don't say you're not excited.
Nice Big U.S. History Research Paper (PDF) - Here are the directions for the U.S. History research in case you've lost them. This includes a rubric too!
U.S. History Key Terms List - I used to make students learn this entire list by the end of the year. While I no longer pass out this particular list, educated people should know these terms. Besides, you're going to end up learning all of these this year anyway. You can use this to help you. (See below).
U.S. History Key Terms List with Definitions - You get the idea. These definitions are based on our old textbook, but there really isn't much difference.
American Revolution Game (PDF) - Directions for your new favorite project.
U.S. History Trading Cards Project (PDF) - If you need another copy of the directions for this amazing project, then download this bad boy.

Religion/Confirmation Preparation

8th Grade Service Form (PDF) - 8th graders can use this for to track their service hours for the school year.
Confirmation Final Exam Study Guide (PDF) - This is a condensed list of all the stuff you need to know to be prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation and to pass the final exam. Stop freaking out. It's not that bad.
Mr. Kersey's Online Confirmation Practice Test - Curious about how well you know your faith? Want to prepare a bit for your Confirmation exam? Then give this 101 question monster a try. When you are finished, the test will show you which answers you got correct and which ones you got wrong.
Called by Name: Choosing Your Confirmation Name (PDF) - If you lost your copy of these guidelines and the essay assignment, here it is. Enjoy!


Study Habits to Get Into
Weekly Social Studies Study Menu (PDF) - Use this to complete a selection of weekly study assignments.
A Sample Outline (PDF) - This is a sample outline taken from the 8th grade history text. This is just one simple example for the 8th graders to follow while practicing their outlining skills.
Enrichment Project Ideas and Guidelines
Mr. Kersey's Super Useful, Universally Awesome, Cover Sheet of Goodness (PDF) - Do you always seem to forget how to spell 'their' and 'there'? Are you tired of the kid next to you always trying to copy off of your test? Do you need to know how to answer a DBQ? Do you even know what a DBQ is? Well, worry no more my students. Here is the last cover sheet you'll ever need. Complete with commonly mispelled words, test taking tips, and some doodling space, this is the finest cover sheet you'll see this side of the Atlantic.

Geography (2001-2009)

I don't teach this course anymore, but some of the stuff here is pretty interesting, so I'm leaving it up.
Images of Earth
Project: A Super Cool Research Project 2005 (PDF) - This is the whole shootin' match. This packet contains directions, important dates, and rubrics for completing your Super Cool Geography Research Project. Download away.
Create a Country Project - Here are the directions and rubrics for the most recent Create a Country Project.
Create a Country Sample Map - This is a map of Kersegonia, my fictional country. It represents the minimum requirements for the map portions of the Create a Country project. I used the computer to create this, but of course you can draw yours by hand, build it, use the computer, whatever.
Geography Key Terms List
Geography Key Terms List with Definitions

Good Study Habits are Important