Useful Links for All!

General Education and Research

The Khan Academy - An entire school, online, and free. The lessons are video based. Loads of math help. - Provides clear explanations of plagiarism and of how to cite sources. Very easy for students to use.
EasyBib - A free bibliography generator. It makes the pain of formatting a bibliography properly go away.

History, General

Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History - This site is literally the most amazing collection of links for historical research I have ever seen. It will be useful for both students and teachers. You will love it. Really. I'm not kidding.
History and Politics Outloud - Historically important audio clips.
Measuring Worth - This site has useful calculators for determining the values of currency over time.
The Internet History Sourcebooks Project - "...a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use."
The Granger Collection - An amazing collection of pictures and images from history. Very, very cool.

World History

Ancient Greece - Impressive.
Mesopotamia - Awesome site on the history of Mesopotamia.
Hyper History - A super cool hypertext history of the world, complete with maps and timelines.
World History Archives
World History Compass
Women in World History
Browse the World at - This site is awesome. A great place to explore our world's history.
The History Guide - Wow. This site is basically an online textbook for the history of Western Civilization. It is intended for the upper level high school student and the undergraduate history major, but I think it is a great resource for a determined 8th grader. Very cool.
The Rule of St. Benedict - Wanna be a monk? These rules are still used in many monasteries today.
The Medieval Bestiary - Animals in the Middle Ages - Oh man. This is cool.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook - The most amazing collection of documents from the middle ages you'll ever find. I love this site.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook - Medieval Legal History - The most amazing collection of legal documents from the middle ages you'll ever find. Check out the stuff from Charlemagne and the English.
The Student's Friend - This is a super concise history of the world along with some geography. If you're looking for a great summary of different topics to help you study, this would be a great tool.

U.S. History

History Matters - U.S. survey course online.
A Hypertext on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times
American Colonies Chart - A super short and sweet chart summarizing key facts about the original 13 English colonies.
The History Place
Eye Witness - Just as the web site says - history through the eyes of those who lived it.
Archiving Early America - A nice little site with maps and loads of historical information.
Library of Congress - A vast collection of maps, images, and articles related to American History.
HarpWeek: Explore History - A collection of resources and cartoons from Harper's Weekly.
StateMaster - "...a unique statistical database which allows you to research and compare a multitude of different data on US states."
Outline of U.S. Diplomatic History - A pretty sweet outline of all of U.S. diplomatic history produced by the U.S. Department of State.
The Authentic History Center - Read this from the site: "The Authentic History Center is comprised of artifacts and sounds from American popular culture. It was created to teach that the everyday objects in society have authentic historical value and reflect the social consciousness of the era that produced them." So check it out people!


National Geographic
Atlapedia - Great maps.
CIA World Factbook
A Village of 1,000 - A thought provoking reduction of the world's population to a single village of 1,000 people and the distribution of resources.
NationMaster - "...a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD."


The White House - The official website of the White House.
The US Senate - The official website of the United States Senate. Very useful. Contact your Senator.
The US House of Representatives - The official website of the US House of Representatives. Lot's of information. You can also find your Representative.
The Office of the Governor - The Governor of Ohio's website.
The Ohio House of Representatives - Read the Ohio Revised Code. Contact your State Rep.
The Ohio Senate - Contact your State Senator.
The Secrets of Making Money - Check out how the U.S. Government makes all those precious greenbacks.
The FBI - So you wanna' be G-man, huh? Check out all the latest from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The CIA - Check out what the Central Intelligence Agency has to say.

Religion (Catholicism)

The Holy See - The official website of the Vatican. This site is absolutely incredible.
New Advent - This is a great resource for information on Catholicism and Christianity. It has a large number of links to other good websites for Catholics as well.
Catholic Online Saints - This will take you to an index of all the saints where you can read brief descriptions of who they are.
My Catholic Life! - Catholic Saints A-Z - Similar to the above link, but fewer ads. A good source.
Britannica - List of Saints - A long list of saints recognized by the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Churches.
LIFETEEN - Biggest and Best List of Confirmation Saints (for Guys and Girls) - The name pretty much says it all.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus - Leading teens closer to Christ - Check it out.

Teacher Resources - Teach with Technology - Rich tools for teachers. Check it out.
Quotes for Teachers - I love quotes, and these are some good ones. You're sure to find something thought provoking here.
Constitutional Rights Foundation
Rubistar - This is an online rubric maker. You can use pre-made rubric templates and fit them to your needs.
The Lesson Plan Page - Another resource for lesson ideas for all subject areas.
Teachers.Net - The ultimate teacher's resource page.
International Society for Technology in Education
All Kinds of Minds - Home of Schools Attuned and Dr. Mel Levine's institute for learning. I use the Schools Attuned program to help my students become better learners. Check it out.
Teacher Tube - Basically YouTube for teachers. Content is added all the time.

Web Development and Technology

HTML Dog - MrKersey.Org was built using what I learned from this web site. It is easy to follow and takes you step-by-step through the creation of a web page of your very own. It teaches you not on HTML, but also CSS.

Fun Misc. Links

The Copyright Cage - Cool article on copyright.
Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center - Nifty starting place for anyone interested in or researching Fair Use.
Godchecker - Want to look up an obscure Greek god? How about a Chinese deity? These folks have it all.
Creative Commons License - A nifty way to reserve certain copyrights, but still share your work.
National Novel Writing Month - Ever want to write a novel, but never had the time or motivation to see it through? NaNoWriMo may be for you! Simply write 50,000 words in November and you're a winner. Students should check this out. 50,000 words seem a bit too much? Then set a more reasonable goal for yourself, like ten or twenty thousand words. Write that next great American novel.
The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics - Jerry Garcia and company wrote some pretty amzing songs, and this site is an academic commentary on what they all might mean. Very cool, even if you're not a Dead Head.

Guitar Stuff

As a fledgling guitar player, I have found these sites to be helpful.
Guitar Noise - Free online guitar lessons complete with sample mp3's and lot's of help.
GuitareTAB! - About a gozillion tabs for guitar. If you wanna' learn a song, they've probably got it.
WholeNote: The On-Line Guitar Community - Nifty.