The Industrial Revolution - The Rise of Industry in Europe

Lecture Notes from Mr. Kersey's 7th Grade Geography, History, and Culture Class)

Changes in Production

  • Until about the late 1700ís products were made in peopleís homes or in small shops.
  • Factory
  • Then, machines began to be invented that could make goods quickly and cheaply.
  • Soon large factories began to appear.
  • Many people began to take jobs in these factories.
  • It wasnít long before people started to move from the country to the cities.
  • The first factories were for making textiles, or cloth products.
  • Soon machines were invented for making other goods like tools.
  • Because stuff could be made more quickly and for less money, business people and factory owners made loads of money.

Changes in Society

  • The Industrial Revolution wasnít all good. There were some problems too.
  • As more and more people moved to the cities to work in the factories, cities grew very quickly. This is called urbanization.
  • Living conditions became overcrowded, cramped, and dirty.
  • Laundry at home
  • Because of the poor living conditions, disease became a problem within the cities.
  • In the beginning of the Industrial Revolution workers had no rights.
  • Factory owners took advantage of the workers.
  • Owners only wanted to make money.
  • Wages were very low, and if a worker didnít like it, there was always someone to take his place.
  • Factory conditions were horrible and very unsafe.
  • They were dirty, hot, and poorly lit.
  • Many workers were injured.
  • It wasnít until the 1900ís that laws began to get passed that would protect workers.

Changes in Government

  • Because countries were now producing so many goods, they needed new places to sell their goods.
  • During the 1800ís many European governments began taking over other weaker countries and turning them into colonies.
  • Colonies were places to sell all the products the European countries were making.
  • Colonies were also good sources of raw materials.
  • This period became known as the Age of Imperialism.