The Cold War - Clash of The Superpowers

(Lecture Notes from Mr. Kersey's 7th Grade Geography Class)

The Beginning of the Chill

  • The “official” start of the Cold War was the Yalta Conference between the “big three”.
  • The Yalta Conference was a meeting between Stalin, FDR, and Churchill to discuss the end of WW II.
  • The leaders of the allies divided up Europe.
  • The Soviets had control of the East, and the U.S. and Britain got the West.
  • As time went on the influence of the democratic powers grew in the West, and the influence of communism grew in the East.

Germany Divided

  • Germany, which was the major topic at the Yalta Conference, was divided into two halves.
  • The US, France, Britain controlled the western half.
  • The Soviet Union controlled the eastern half.
  • Churchill called this division the “iron curtain.” This “curtain” kept the people in the east in, and it kept the people in the west out.

The Spread of Communism

  • One goal of the Soviets was to spread communism to other countries. This scared the heck out of the democratic powers in the west.
  • All over the world the U.S. and the Soviets opposed each other through other countries, such as Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba.

Tensions and Arsenals Grow

  • As tensions grew between the Soviet Union and the U.S. each country built up a huge military and large number of nuclear weapons.
  • The two Super Powers had a stand-off that lasted decades. There were many times, like during the Cuban Missile Crisis, that the world was brought to the brink of war.