Morality: In God's Image

(Lecture Notes from Mr. Kersey's 8th Grade Religion Class - Morality)


God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them. - Genesis 1:27


  • Dignity is the quality of being worthy of respect.
  • This results from our being created in the image of God.
  • All people have dignity.


  • Equality: The fact that each human has dignity and deserves respect makes us truly equal. God's love does not discriminate.
  • God loves us regardless of race, gender, appearance, religion, or background. God does not even stop loving us when we sin.


  • Even though we are equal in Godís eyes, we also have differences.
  • These differences show us that we need each other.


  • Sometimes it is easy to stereotype other people.
  • This can prevent us from getting to know the true person.
  • Making generalizations about people and things is normal. It is one way of learning.
  • But when we stop at the generalization it can become a stereotype.

Created for Covenant

  • Both the stories of the Old Testament and the death and resurrection of Jesus remind us that God has created a covenant with us.
  • This covenant, or sacred agreement, reminds us that we are in a relationship with God.


  • To help us in our relationship with Him, God gives us grace.
  • Grace is Godís life in us through the Holy Spirit.
  • Grace can be difficult to define.
  • Grace can most easily be thought of as the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit all rolled into one amazing gift.
  • Grace cannot be earned, only given to us by God.
  • Grace is what helps us respond to Godís call and to eventually get into heaven.


  • Grace can also lead us to faith.
  • Faith is also a gift from God.
  • Faith is the desire to seek out God and believe in Him.

Better Lives

  • Both faith and grace make our lives better.
  • People who allow Godís grace and faith into their lives are happier, healthier people.

A Rough Road

  • Living a faith-filled, moral life is not always easy.
  • If you are not on a path to God, you are on a path away from Him.
  • God gives us the tools to follow Him, but we must choose to do so.